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New Westminster Chiropractor Reviews

What Our New Westminster, Coquitlam and Burnaby Chiropractic Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Klein Chiropractic and Wellness patient reviews below and contact our New Westminster chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Yours In Health,
Dr. Eric Klein

Well Run

I believe that Dr. Klein is very professional. He takes the time needed to explain the problem and help you understand the treatment plan. His reception staff are very friendly and courteous. This is a very well run Chiropractic clinic. Well Done!

Cidalia P.


I appreciate how thorough Dr Klein is.

Corinna K.

Would recommend in a heartbeat!

Dr. Klein is such an amazing chiropractor! I have been to many and found him through a Web search. I feel my care has been very thorough and effective.

Family Ran Operation!

Klein Chiropractic is a family ran operation so its very inviting. DR. Klein is an excellent chiropractor, several times I was late and he was kind enough to see me between other appointments. I would most definitely refer others to him.

Slav D.

Wonderful Bedside Manner!

Dr. Klein’s bedside manner is wonderful. I have already recommended him to 3 of my friends!!! There was a noticeable difference in my health after only 3 visits.

Jeanna G.

Neck Pain Relief!

I was experiencing back pain for the first time in my life 57 years without and with no warning I could hardly move let alone sleep, I am a retired musician but still play weekends around the lower main land. I had one night left to play Saturday and was quite concerned if I could do it or not. Found Dr. Klein surfing the net and all his reviews look good so I called and was able to get an appointment that day. Dr. Klein asked me questions gave me x ray and then said he could help I agreed to let him work on me and that was the best thing I could have done, not only was I able to preform that evening I also slept for the first time in a week. Awesome I now see him regularly and continue to feel better after each visit.

George M.

There is less and less pain in my neck every time I visit

After a brutal hit to the neck at hockey and subsequent trips to the physiotherapist, I was still experiencing long bouts of sharp pain at the base of my skull. The pain affected my ability to get a proper night’s sleep and made it difficult to play with and hold my toddler. I needed to get this corrected and I preferred to do it naturally, so I decided to seek out a chiropractor. A few visits to Dr. Klein’s office and I was already feeling better. After three sessions the pain was finally subsiding and I was able to sleep through the night. I’m about four weeks in at the time of writing this and I can feel the difference. It’s not just about my back and spine – my neck is healing and gaining rotation each week. There is less and less pain in my neck every time I visit. The initial visit is full of questions and proper consultation to come up with the treatment option that is best for your ailment and the subsequent visits are quick and effective. Dr. Klein is caring and thoughtful and truly wants to help me get better. The office is quaint, and Dr. Klein and his wife Susan at the reception desk are very nice people and always willing to take the time to answer any questions or just have a chat. The bottom line is that after each visit I feel better, my body feels better, I feel stronger and I can get back to doing the things I love to do, like playing with my son and getting back on the ice.

Geoff Gauthier

Chiropractic keeps my spine aligned and pain free

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Klein for over 18 years and have found his Chiropractic treatment to be a very effective and natural way of keeping my spine aligned and pain free. I’ve been a letter carrier for over 33 years and have had my share of back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain. Dr. Klein has always been able to adjust my spine as to relieve pressure to the above mentioned areas allowing healing and normal mobility to return. As a matter of fact if I’m still able to walk 13-14 km per day with a satchel weighing about 14 kilos it’s due in large part to monthly chiropractic adjustments (tune-ups) allowing me to deliver mail to 367 customers. I fully endorse chiropractic treatment and do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Klein to anyone seeking a natural and non invasive therapy for back or spine related problems.

Daniel Roy

I can feel my feet again!

Dr. Eric Klein restored feeling to my feet. For years I suffered from a condition medical doctors told me was diabetic neuropathy. In reality, it was a nerve issue and after a few treatments I was normal again! He regularly adjusts my back and as a result I have more energy, my sex life is fantastic, I stand almost two inches taller and I feel like a twenty something again! He is the very best at what he does and you should seek him out no matter how healthy you are- everyone benefits from chiropractic and Dr. Eric will transform your life!

Chris Vetter
Port Moody

My headaches are gone!

In my youth I played a lot of sports and I considered myself to be aggressively reckless. I paid the price and in 1993, 1994 and 1995 when I suffered from debilitating headaches. I went to my family doctor who prescribed brain shrinking headache pills that did not work. These pills were $50 per pill and he told me to take one every time I felt a headache coming on. I was his guinea pig for a bunch of pills that just did not work. Finally he said that he could not help me and I should seek a chiropractor. I found Dr. Eric Klein. He said he could help me and took a series of x-rays to look at my spine and found the spine was pinching a nerve. After about 2 weeks of chiropractic visits, the headaches went away-like magic! I now see Dr. Eric on a monthly basis and have an adjustment done to keep me in check. Dr. Eric and his magic hands have relieved me of these headaches and I am grateful to him and the natural way of medicine.Thank you Dr. Eric and God bless you! I give Dr. Eric my highest rating!

James Kimura
New Westminster

Chiropractic care alleviated my neck and lower back pain!

I suffered from constant neck pain-it was hard to move my head sideways. I had sharp headaches. I had low back pain for 20 years. I ended up taking a lot of pills, especially when the pain was unbearable. I was referred to Dr. Eric Klein by my brother. Dr. Eric took x-rays and explained in detail where he could help me. Now I am feeling a lot better thanks to chiropractic care. I never used to believe in chiropractors before, but now I think differently!

Sam Allidina

Thanks to chiropractic, I don’t even notice my back pain anymore!

I had been suffering from lower back pain for over 10 years. When I came to see Dr. Eric Klein, I had a sharp pain in my lower back and was hardly able to walk or move my legs or bend my back. My back problem interfered with my daily activities. I walked around with constant lower back pain and had to lie down every few hours to relieve the pain and pressure in my back. I had previously tried physiotherapy, which did not help, and in fact, made it somewhat worse. My condition was desperate, so I decided to go see a chiropractor. During my first treatment session, Dr. Eric did a physical examination of my spine and an x-ray examination. He found that some of the nerves were pinched. He also set up a treatment program, which I followed. Soon my condition improved and I was able to walk without having any pain! My condition has improved tremendously. After one year of regular treatment I no longer think about my back! And the best thing is that I can hike for hours and not feel any pain in my back! Try it! The results are amazing!

Natalia Ouspenska

My back pain diminished after only a month of chiropractic care!

I had a lot of sore muscles and ligaments on the lower left back. This was causing me extreme unbearable pain in my lower back I was not able to sleep for very long at a time or even sit and drive for more than an hour. The pain was making me “nuts”. Before seeing Dr. Eric Klein, I had seen my family physician and I had a few physiotherapy sessions. I also tried doing basic exercises like treadmill, jogging, and going to the gym, etc. I found chiropractic by watching a few videos on You Tube for causes and cures for back pain and heard about chiropractic and that a chiropractor can restore one’s physical condition. Dr. Eric helped in restoring the rotation of my spine. I think I came out of the excruciating pain after the first month of chiropractic care. Later over the span of 6-8 months, I felt like I was back to life!

Kamlesh Raiter

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